Deputy Head of Delegation

Terre des hommes is looking for a proactive, energetic, and organised Deputy Head of Delegation to join its team in Kyiv, Ukraine (with the possibility of traveling between local offices), to support in the implementation of its projects. If you are looking for a meaningful job that will make a lasting impact on the lives of children, we want to meet you.

Дата початку
Тип договору
12 months (with possibility of extension)
Заробітна плата
Attractive salary, private health insurance and life insurance against accidents
Kyiv, Ukraine (with the possibility of traveling between local offices)

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for children and youth, especially those most exposed to risks, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 30 countries, Tdh works with its own teams and/or local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which significantly improve the daily lives of over four million children and members of their communities every year, with a focus on mother and child health, migration, and access to justice for children.

In Europe, Tdh strives to ensure the full realisation of children’s rights, equally and without discrimination. We are present in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, and Greece, while together with partners, we reach children in other 14 European countries.

In Ukraine, Tdh has worked through partnerships since 2009 and legally established its offices in 2014. Since 2015, Tdh has been providing various services to children, youth and their families in the conflict affected area, with a strong focus on psychosocial support.

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Опис ролі

Under the Head of Delegation’s supervision, the Deputy Head ensures the supervision of operations at the national level.

He/She contributes to the proper implementation of operations in compliance with the Strategic Planning (SP) of the delegation’s operations in adherence to the general reference framework and the program approach, through the line management of the Tdh UA base coordinators.

He/She supports the Head of Delegation in the overall supervision of the Tdh UA team, as well as all SMT members, when relevant and necessary, and as recommended by the Head of Delegation.

He/She ensures the implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems in the projects and monitors the progress of activities according to pre-established indicators.

He/She notifies the Head of Delegation if there is a need to implement corrective measures.

He/She feels accountable to the beneficiaries, collaborators and donors.

In coordination with the Head of Delegation, and the Security Advisor, He/She ensures that all Tdh UA security rules and procedures and contingency plans are understood and followed by all Tdh UA staff.  

He/She supervises the capacity assessment of partners, the implementation of activities done by partners based on the activity plan contained in the signed MoU and compliance with internal and external rules.



More specifically He/She has the following responsibilities:

Steering activities:

  • Ensures project implementation and activities follow-up according to the program approach and the strategic issues connected to their context(s) (targets, follow-up of scheduled activities, budgetary activity reports follow-up, through the supervision of the base coordinators
  • Informs the Head of Delegation and colleagues involved, if necessary (PROG& EXP, RDF, etc.) of the timelines for execution and propose adjustments where necessary depending on the available means and in coordination with the teams involved
  • Ensures that an effective coordination mechanism is set between the SMT members and the base coordinators.
  • In coordination with the support staff, ensures that the needs of programs and expertise in terms of financial, logistics and HR means are covered in a professional way within the framework of current and well measured projects for the implementation of new operations (GAP, etc.)
  • Ensures that the strategic plan, including the program approach, are properly implemented to attain the results as defined in the operational framework and projections planned for by the Foundation
  • In coordination with the M&E department, ensures that the implementation of activities is in harmony with the quality and accountability protocols
  • Participates in the design of assessment methods intended to collect qualitative and quantitative data in terms of program indicators (needs assessment, statistical data, impact studies, etc.)
  • In connection with the delegation technical adviser(s), ensures the compliance of technical practices with the Tdh’s remit and the major strategic lines
  • Makes regular visits to programs and activities in the field and informs the Head of Delegation and the other colleagues involved of possible problems, challenges or identified obstacles

Operational strategy

  • Follows the evolution of the humanitarian and political context of the country of operations and shares this information with the Head of Delegation and his/her collaborators; actively contributes  to drafting the context analysis
  • Actively participates in identifying the needs and proposes adapted responses as part of the implementation of the country strategy in concert with the program coordination team
  • In concert with the program coordinators and experts and the project leaders, in collaboration with the support department and under the supervision of the Head of Delegation, defines the country strategy and interventional plan for the delegation and recommends realistic adjustments if necessary (including in terms of resources where necessary)
  • Ensures that the country strategy is in harmony with the Foundation’s values and remit

Human Resources

  • Supervises and oversees a diversified team of thematic coordinators, guaranteeing cohesion and good coordination between them for the successful execution of programs
  • Supports the Head of Delegation in the design and implementation of an organizational structure, participates in defining the roles and responsibilities needed for the proper execution of activities
  • Lead the recruitment of their collaborators
  • Ensures a constant effort of strengthening national and international teams’ capacity according to the needs identified and proposes internal and external training activities
  • Drafts field job descriptions, participates and leads coordination meetings, resolves any conflicts when required, defines activity priorities and scheduling


  • Ensures good information reporting from the field to the coordination office
  • Supports the Head of Delegation by taking part in coordination meetings and in this regard, represents Tdh locally with donors, the authorities, partners, etc.
  • Ensures Tdh sectorial representation in various forums
  • May be led to act as a Tdh spokesperson with the media upon a request by the Head of Delegation


  • Consolidates the monthly drafting of sitreps about monitoring current activities in the delegation and submits them for endorsement to the Head of Delegation
  • Contributes to the drafting of intermediary and final reports intended for donors
  • Contributes to the drafting of any other document is necessary and upon request


  • In adhering to the GAP, participates in fund-raising and negotiations with donors to ensure adequate funding for current and future programs
  • Ensures program budget follow-up together with the heads of the departments involved


  •  Efficiently directs their collaborators by appropriately delegating to attain results and develop skills
  • Watches over good management practices in line with Tdh values

Safety & security

  • Upon delegation by the Head of Delegation, contributes and may be entrusted with the following responsibilities and thus be accountable to the portfolio owner:



  • Monitors the security context relevant to the operations
  • Identifies the main stakeholders for humanitarian access to Tdh
  • Maintains an information network enabling the follow-up of the changing risks and threats
  • Contributes to the management and documentation the risk context and analysis
  • Shares the risk analysis with the staff, the new arrivals and visitors on a regular basis (meetings/regular information sessions)
  • Contributes to assessing the risk and the threats connected to the implementation of Tdh activities throughout the mission
  • Chooses and decides on appropriate strategies according to the operations risk/benefits report
  • Keeps headquarters in the loop of any new risk taken and any development in the security context



  • Designs and manages/coordinates the mission’s access strategy
  • Compiles security plans (rules, procedures, standards, emergency plans) and ensures the sharing and follow-up of the implementation
  • Ensures the participation of all staff members in developing the response to risks and security practices
  • Acts as mentor for the basic coordinators concerning issues of steering risks and access
  • Identifies and assesses the required support, in particular with the sector at risk (training, mentoring, thematic and technical know-how)



  • Supports the HoD to coordinate and direct the management of incidents
  • Informs without delay the portfolio manager of all security incidents or threats that might have an impact on the mission, staff security and/or Tdh business
  • Under the management of the headquarter crisis cell (Crisis Management Team), implements a country crisis cell (implementational management team) in case of a critical incident if deemed necessary


Необхідний досвід та кваліфікація

This function requires possession of fundamental personal, social and leadership skills (CPSLs), technical and methodological skills (CTMs) and Managerial and strategic skills (CMSs)

In particular the following (select a maximum of 5):

  • Exercises matrix management leadership
  • Manages potentially volatile intervention areas
  • Represents and explains the Tdh mission and projects
  • Ethical and exemplary leadership (secure base), managerial excellence; inspires and motivates collaborators
  • High-level team spirit, a strong ability to create cohesiveness
  • Shows the way for their colleagues/collaborators
  • Knows and applies policies for managing operational risks with the ability to explain them
  • Delegates responsibilities and tasks according to skills available in teams
  • Fosters and supports the development of the skills of their team(s)
  • Manages conflicts in his/her team
  • Makes decisions that he/she is responsible for and owns them
  • Develops and endorses the strategic plan, the guidelines and governance tools
  • Defines policies, establishes budgets and sets the quality standards
  • Analyzes program and context in a connected way
  • Analyzes and sums up information
  • Develops the connection/secure base in a crisis situation
  • A strong capacity to work under pressure
  • Able to make decisions in the uncertainty of potentially high stakes
  • Able to schedule and organize in a stressful environment
  • Able to analyze, rank and summarize
  • Is open minded and bold

As well as the following specific “trade” skills:

  • Significant experience in designing and managing projects and implementing multi-sectorial operations
  • Knowledge of humanitarian, practical and standard principles (Sphere)
  • Experience in representation (donors, authorities, partners)
  • Experience in supervising multicultural teams
  • Similar experience in emergency contexts
  • Strong organizational capacities, a capacity to operate autonomously, proactively and the strength of initiative, meets deadlines
  • An analytical mind
  • A results-driven mindset
  • Good resistance to stress and an ability to work under pressure
  • An excellent ability and ease in expressing themselves in public (conferences, workshops) and to adapt themselves to their audience (governments and local authorities)



Required conditions



Management, Humanitarian, Development or other relevant studies


Min 5 years in Humanitarian/Development senior management



IT know-how

High-level user

Як подати заявку

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their application (CV and motivation in English) to Please mention in the title of the email the position “Deputy Head of Delegation”.

Додаткова інформація

Child Safeguarding Policy: 

To commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy.

GDPR compliance:

By sending your application, you agree that your personal data will be used in the recruitment process. All the documents we will request in different steps of the recruitment process will only be used for this purpose.

All staff involved in recruitment and selection are aware that data protection rules apply, and that personal information will be treated confidentially. According to our policy, we will keep your application documents for the period of the recruitment only.

Due to an anticipated high number of applications, Tdh is not in a position to respond to every applicant individually. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.