As part of the #ProAction project, Tdh mobile teams travel to communities in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast to organize psychosocial activities with children and youth, as well as to find out their opinion on the effectiveness of these activities.


Thus, our mobile team visited the village of c. Medynia and conducted a creative psychosocial session for children aged 12 and older, aimed at improving their psycho-emotional state and unleashing their creative potential in a team game.

 Participants actively interacted with each other, supporting ideas and showing creativity during the "Dream Island" exercise. They created their own unique worlds where they could dream and create together. In addition to the art therapy exercise, the children were involved in active movements, which helped them recharge their batteries with energy and positive emotions.

The children also took part in a survey that will help determine whether their psycho-emotional state has improved after the sessions conducted by our mobile team.