This week we started a series of trainings based on the Movement, Games, Sports and Creativity methodology as part of the new project ProAction - Psychosocial Support for Children and Families in Eastern Ukraine.


It was the first training that we organized for our partners who will implement the project in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Odesa regions.

For three days, the participants studied the basics of the psychosocial approach, got acquainted with the methodology, developed their own lesson plans, and worked in groups under the guidance of Tdh trainer Anastasia Vovk.

The key topics included:

  • Psychosocial group activities with children and child-friendly spaces;
  • The role of the facilitator in the game and the development of necessary skills;
  • Inclusiveness and creating a safe space for children.

The training also included hands-on creative activities where participants applied the knowledge they had gained in practice. We organized games and activities that promote team building and cohesion.

The next step will be training for representatives of educational institutions from 48 communities, where they will implement the methodology for children and youth in newly created child-friendly spaces.